A Love Most Fatal

A Love Most Fatal

@kath_richards_writes's debut novel, A Love Most Fatal comes out on September 26, 2024!
Pre-order this adult mafia rom-com today! Signed paperbacks are also available for pre-order in Kath's shop!
Art: @dextrose.png 
Cover design: @opulentdesigns121
A Mafia Rom-Com about a female mafia boss and her Godson’s goofy math teacher working together to find her a husband. 

Since she was a girl, Vanessa Morelli has trained for two titles: CEO of Morelli Construction and, more importantly, head of the Morelli Crime Family. So far, it’s going well; business is booming, and the city’s criminals fear and respect her. Or at least she thought they did, before shipments start disappearing, construction sites blow up, and—most annoying of all—the older women lay on the pressure for her to marry and make an heir.

When an ill-advised date with her godson’s math teacher goes horribly wrong, she brings him under her protection while she figures out who’s sabotaging her operation.

Nate, the goofy, dog-owning teacher, wants nothing to do with Vanessa after learning that she’s the queen of organized crime in the city. But when the choice is life or death, he chooses to accept her help and move in for the summer. Bored out of his mind, though, Nate offers his services on the hunt for a suitable husband, interviewing every eligible mafioso in Massachusetts. 

But when more sparks begin to fly between Vanessa and Nate instead of Vanessa and her suitors... she starts to wonder. Can they work and live together, without falling for each other along the way?

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