Beauty of Her by Michelle Hall

Beauty of Her by Michelle Hall

Release date: May 23

💞 Contemporary romance

💞 Reverse age gap

💞 Single mom

💞 He falls first

💞 Reformed f*uckboy

💞 Late 30s FMC

💞 Daddy vibes


Every morning, I wake up with two missions: whip up a dinner my kids won't snub and find a way back to feeling like more than "just" a single mom navigating life.

But it was a routine supermarket run, aimed at conquering the first challenge, that unexpectedly launched me headfirst into an adventure I never saw coming.

I met someone.

And, almost instantly, he wanted me. Like, really wanted me.

He didn't just see me; he saw through me. Recognized a spark in me I'd long assumed had fizzled out.

Here I am, a woman in my late thirties, mother of two, balancing a full-time job and a life that's anything but orderly.

And yet, this younger man from a world that seems miles apart from mine, is drawn to me.

Everything in my mind shouts, "We're too different," but my heart? It whispers a tentative "Yes." I don't understand why he's choosing me, but maybe it's time I find out.

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