🤍 Cold as Ice by Gracie C. McKeever 🤍

🤍 Cold as Ice by Gracie C. McKeever 🤍

Cold as Ice (book 2 in the Play On series) by Gracie C. McKeever is a femdom bdsm romance with grumpy/sunshine where he falls first. Read this book today!

What to expect:
🤍 Woman-in-charge
🌶️ BDSM FemDom
🤍 Cute Meet-Cute (if you’re a comic book fan, this Meet Cute and other scenes in the book are really up your alley!)
🌶️ Protective MMC
🤍 Suspense
🌶️ Trauma Bonding (healing, emotional scars)
🤍 Independent and Strong FMC
🌶️ Grumpy/Sunshine
🤍 Chosen Family/Found Family
🌶️ Instalust/Lust at first sight
🤍 Intense and Sassy FMC
🌶️ Strong and Independent FMC
🤍 Carefree and Nonchalant MMC (until the FMC)
🌶️ He falls first
🤍 Multiple Viewpoints


Curious by nature, psychoanalyst Iceland Taylor likes knowing what makes people tick. Easygoing and gorgeous architect Lars Andersen is a puzzle Iceland seeks to solve. A shameless people-pleaser, Lars doesn’t believe he’s that complicated. Iceland, however, knows there’s more to the happy-go-lucky bachelor than meets the eye and is determined to test the limits of Lars’ submission. Haunted by a tragic past, Iceland has devoted her career to counseling the at-risk and disenfranchised—troubled teens, PTSD and domestic abuse and sexual assault survivors. Lars’ lighthearted disposition is a welcome change when Iceland needs to unwind, and D/s with a skilled and willing submissive is the best way she knows to exorcise her demons. Lars is everything she’s ever wanted in a play partner, except he’s craving things Iceland is unable to give—permanence and her heart. Lars, however, has set his sights on having Iceland, not just in the bedroom and the playroom, but in his life, in a lasting relationship.

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