Knot Her Shot by Ari Wright

Knot Her Shot by Ari Wright

Would you like to score big this April? Do you prefer your hockey players when they come in a pack? Would you like to never have to choose between which one of them you end up with? Knot her Shot by Ari Wright is the perfect book for you! 💙
What to expect:
🏒 Omegaverse/ Fated Mates 
💙 Hockey/Sports Romance 
🏒 Why-choose/RH Relationship 
💙 Broody Hockey Goalie 
🏒 Alpha-Hole CEO 
💙 Golden-Retriever Hockey Star 
🏒 Rejected Mates/Groveling 
💙 Scent-matching 
🏒 Found Family 
💙 Knotting/Rut/Heat 
🏒 Forced Proximity 
💙 Grumpy/Sunshine 
🏒 Second Chance Romance 
💙 Low Angst/Lots of Swoon
What do you get when you put a happy-go-lucky hockey star, a controlling CEO, and a grumpy goalie together

One big mess.

They may be hockey’s Most Valuable Pack, but the Pierson alphas are far from a true team. The obvious solution? Find the right omega to bind them together. The match-making process sounds simple enough. Scientific, even. Until a sweet, shy omega runs right into their play for a mate, and changes the whole game.


Remi thought she was ready for a team of her own.

After growing up without a family, being passed over by foster parents, she always dreamed of finding her perfect pack. But when her big chance finally comes, it’s nothing like she imagined.

Could she really belong with this group of rough, rowdy, rude alphas? And, if she does, will they finally be the family that chooses her back?

Finding a pack was always her goal. But is Remi ready to take her shot?
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