Lies that Bleed

Lies that Bleed

"For tonight, we either lived or died in The Wilds. Nothing else mattered."
Lies that Bleed, The Ember War Book 1, by Leia Stone is a New Adult Romantasy that's Fourth Wing meets Shadow and Bone with Romeo and Juliet vibes. 
Publish Date: 6.28.24
For tonight, we either lived or died in The Wilds. Nothing else mattered.

As the daughter of the emperor, Aisling Everhart was born into privilege. She has trained her entire life to go into The Wilds and have a chance at bonding with a creature that can give her unknown power. Half of the candidates will die the first night, and only a few will make it out. Those who survive the bonding are quickly conscripted into the Imperial Fleet to join the war.

What Aisling never could have prepared for, was Kohen Badshah, former prince of Imbria, her father's sworn enemy. When Kohen proposes an unlikely alliance, she accepts. They enter The Wilds together, and Aisling realizes that she was woefully unprepared, especially when nothing goes to plan.

After barely surviving, she's thrust into the Imperial Fleet to learn how to control her new gifts, but as her power grows, so do the dangers—including multiple attempts on her life. When you don't know who is friend or enemy, it's hard to trust, but Kohen Badshah appears to be protecting her.

It's that or he's playing one excellent long game. Which one, only time will tell.
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