The Unnatural Habitat of a Cat Lady

The Unnatural Habitat of a Cat Lady

What to expect:
🐱 Romcom
💜 Second chance
🐱 Forced proximity
💜 Dual POV
🐱 Public smutty scenes
💜 Pleasure dom
🐱 Bum stuff

You should never judge a book by its cover.

Amelia’s been dubbed a "cat lady" by her friends and family but hang on to your knickers, because Amelia is about to discover desires that are anything but fitting for a cat lady.

And who is offering to show her a new world of kink? It's none other than Ben, the one man who broke her heart two decades ago.

What can possibly go wrong? Get ready for some good laughs but be pre-warned that this is not a closed-door romance and there may be some pearl-clutching moments for some readers.

For those who love morally grey MMCs: although this book contains elements commonly found in dark romance, it is still a Romcom with a cinnamon roll hero who likes to be called Sir.

For the Romcom fans: There are lots of laughs, but it also contains bum stuff and other kinks that may get you hot under the collar.

In short this is a book for those who want to be a Good Girl for a good guy.

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