Whispers of Devotion by K.T. Maddan

Whispers of Devotion by K.T. Maddan

💜 K.T. Maddan's latest dark romance release 'Whispers of Devotion' available May 22nd 2024 💜

The paperback will be discreet. Hardback will be the model cover. E-Book is available for Pre-Order Now!

Cover design: @disturbedvalkyriedesigns 

Sign up to be on the ARC team for Whispers of Devotion or you can find the link in @happilybookedpr bio:  https://forms.gle/irWoCR7aKsoNdFfR8 


She’s been mine since the moment I saw her.

My demons called out to hers, recognizing her darkness


When my low-life dad passed I didn't expect my inheritance to be his small-town dive bar. On that first night when I met Aria - she consumed me. The way she held her own. I studied her and she secretly became a part of me.  I’m fearful for her to discover the devil that stalks the shadows.  I’ve always been a drifter, following odd jobs and payouts, but I can’t seem to let her go. 


When Matt showed up claiming his stake in The Bar, I didn’t believe him. Jimmy never mentioned having a son. It wasn’t terrible working for Matt but he was closed off and quiet.  I never expected something would ignite between us or that a mutual connection would lead me down a path that I thought I laid to rest years ago.

💜Friends to Lovers
💜Biker Couple
💜Touch her and💀
💜Foul-mouthed FMC
💜Obsessive MMC
💜Small town X Criminal Underworld
💜Partners in Crime
💜”Just once to get it out of my system”

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